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Bespoke Order 

For you, for life 

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What ever you want!

"It's like a tattoo... but well I can take it off"

Why get something bespoke? 
Nobody else will ever have the same one as you. 
It's my favourite part of making jewellery, when someone comes to me with an awesome idea. Then we take that idea and turn it into a reality!

What Can Be Made

I can make whatever you want!

I could be a signet ring, a plain ring, a necklace,  earnings or or a bangle/chain

Engravings on the top, the sides or on the inside. 

Stones set or bezelled 

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Things To Think About

Before contacting me have a little think about exactly it is you want. 
What size you will need specifically. 
Find any images or ideas you have to attach to the email
The more information you we start with the quicker we can get going!